lavochkin La-11

2009. After years of abstinence and longing, I finally got down to building a new model.
A friend of mine sent me some plans of paper aircraft, made in eastern europe, that he had stumbled across. I was amazed and thrilled for having discovered not only a fellow tribe of paper model makers but an entire industry that made beautiful, accurate paper models!
This one is originally drawn by Dr. Emil Zarkov who I discovered has been designing models for ModelArt, a card model publisher.

This model brought back to me not only the joys of building the models but also a new learning on flush panels and butt-joints instead of overlap joints, which I was doing in the past.

I changed the colours, markings and added weathering and details. I did this all on Illustrator and Photoshop and then printed it out. Having never made a paper model from a kit, this was really quite exciting as all the pieces just fit into place and took shape in perfect proportions!

Admiration and respect for Dr. Emil Zarkov's talent and work!

I find the overall effect of flush joints, detailing and weathering on such beautiful proportions quite stunning!


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    Since i don't like to see zero comments, allow me to comment.
    Is it not wonderful to be the behind all this stuff that"s cominng out of your head ,going into your magic fingers?
    Love you for it and ofcourse am very very proud!
    Keep going. Khana with daal will be there always.

  2. Very beautiful model ,well done. Is it downloadable?