F-117 Nighthawk

Built in 1995. I started coming across information and photographs of subsequent detail and just had to put together this fascinating shape! I had no profile views so I approximated surfaces and shapes ( sorry, perfectionists!) . It was great fun building this slab sided aerodynamic shape!

The intake and IR aperture I covered with fine cloth to imitate a grill.

I glued on bits of paper to imitate panels. The nose antennae are toothpicks.

Since I had no photos of the undercarriage...I didn't make it!

The 'glass' cockpit and HUD were invented. Painting was a failed experiment. The paper was too absorbant and I sprayed it with enamel paint to get a dull sheen. The fibres of the paper showed through and it became messy.

Now that extensive information is available on this aircraft I see where I've been totally off the mark with some details. But the overall appearance is quite effective!


  1. Hey Suhail,
    i posted a link of this blog on my FB page, thought you'd like to listen in on the discussion...


  2. Wow Santayan, your Facebook page is an incredible boost! Thank you for being so enthusiastic about my work! It's true that I would like to make it a mainstream activity and any guidance is welcome! What is exciting about building these models is that paper and other stray bits ( stolen guitar strings included haha!) are the base materials keeping the construction a mix of high detail and low tech methods. A new model wil be parked here soon!!! Will let you know!