early models

AH-64 Apache, made in 1986. I had found some fotographs in an old Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine that were enough to give me a general idea about the shape and proportions.

The scale was as usual decided by the bits and peices that I chanced upon, in this case the engine intake cowlings, which were plastic medicine bottle bottoms. The rotor assembly was made from toothpicks and the equipment bays on either side of the cabin were filled with bits of printed circuit board and transistors to give that 'equipped' feel!

I remember using medicine capsules for scaled oxygen bottles and staring horrified at them as they melted away the moment I touched a paintbrush to them!!

These photos were taken with one of those early kodak 'aim and shoots'. I'm glad to have found them after all these years!

A-10 Thunderbolt II, made in 1985. All paper with the nose carved from polystyrene and the engine intake cowlings from plastic bottle bottoms. I even made the wings foldable and included an array of stores.

Dusk takeoff ( try to ignore the tail assembly touching the ground!!). There was a very convenient concrete slab below my apartment and at the right angle the buildings from across the bay made a very convincing diorama.

Retracting pilot's ladder, openable gun bay access hatch, opening canopy with a cloth seat!!


  1. So happy to see these photos again! It brings back good memories of our days together.wali

  2. Turnesh GilderJuly 26, 2010

    My dearest friend...

    Aunty i agree with you completely...this brings back such beautiful memories...we as naive friends far away from your excellent, mind blowing, mind blasting talent were not even ready to visualize and appreciate your paper model aircrafts....We were more interested in hide-n-seek, cricket and ofcourse goti (marbles to be more specific)...but today when i see your models i dont have enough words to say that how much i appreciate your talent and passion for making these aircraft models....If I recall our earlier days, i still remember that one of your paper aircraft model's engine was made only with punched paper... My friend how do you think of such brilliant ideas!!!!

    Go brother go....drive your passion to the fullest....